UK Government Increase Visa and IHS Fees from October 2023

UK Government Increase Visa and IHS Fees from October 2023

Hello there! It’s your friendly UK Immigration Navigator here, bringing you some important updates on changes to immigration Increase Visa and IHS Fees in the UK. Starting from 9 am on October 4, 2023, there will be some adjustments to the costs you need to consider if you’re planning to visit, work, or settle in the UK. Let’s break it down.

Why Are Immigration and Visa Fees Rising?

Why Are Immigration and Visa Fees Rising?

First things first, you might be wondering why these fees are going up. Well, over the past two decades, immigration fees have seen significant increases. In fact, back in 2003, the UK didn’t charge anything for visa extensions, work permits, or settlement. A student visa, for instance, used to cost just £33! Today, visa application fees are higher, and the government has introduced additional charges like the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) and Immigration Skills Charge (ISC).

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Now, the upcoming fee increases have sparked some debate, with many migrants and businesses expressing concerns that fees are already quite high. In fact, the total upfront immigration costs in the UK are higher than in several other countries. The UK government does charge above the processing cost to fund the immigration system, but these new increases are primarily intended to allocate more funds for public sector pay rises.

Let’s Break Down the Fee Changes:

Here’s a summary of the key changes coming into effect on October 4, 2023:

Visa TypeFee Increase
Work Visas+15% (e.g., Skilled Worker visa)
Study and Post-Study VisasVaries (e.g., Student visa +35%)
Visit Visas+15% (e.g., Standard Visitor visa)
Sponsorship Fees+19-20% (Certificates of Sponsorship)
Nationality and Settlement Fees+20% (e.g., Indefinite Leave to Remain)
Priority ServicesStandardized Fees (e.g., Priority service – £500)

Understanding the Upcoming Increase in Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) Fees

Understanding the Upcoming Increase in Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) Fees

The Current State of IHS Fees

Before diving into the specifics of the fee increase, let’s first understand the current structure of IHS fees. As of now, there are two distinct rates for the IHS:

1. Normal Rate

  • Current Fee (per year): £624

2. Discounted Rate

  • Current Fee (per year): £470

The discounted rate is applicable to students, individuals under the age of 18, and Youth Mobility Scheme visa holders.

The Anticipated Changes

The looming question on everyone’s mind is, “When will the Immigration Health Surcharge fees be increased?” Unfortunately, we are still awaiting an official announcement from the government regarding the exact date of implementation. However, we do have insights into the proposed fee adjustments:

1. Normal Rate

  • Current Fee (per year): £624
  • New Fee (per year): £1,035
  • Fee Change (per year): £411

2. Discounted Rate

  • Current Fee (per year): £470
  • New Fee (per year): £776
  • Fee Change (per year): £306

These changes, once implemented, will have a substantial impact on individuals planning to move to the UK and those who are already residing there.

The Rationale Behind the Increase

Now, you might be wondering why the government is considering raising the IHS fees. The primary reason behind this decision is to ensure that the National Health Service (NHS) remains adequately funded. The IHS is a crucial source of revenue for the NHS, as it allows immigrants and students access to healthcare services in the UK.

What You Need to Do

While we wait for the official announcement and implementation of the increased IHS fees, it’s essential to stay updated on immigration news. Keep an eye on government websites and consult with immigration experts or legal advisors if you have any concerns regarding your immigration status or pending applications.

Tips for Applicants:

Tips for Applicants

If you’re planning to apply for a UK visa soon, here’s some friendly advice: try to get your application in before October 4, 2023, to take advantage of the current lower fees.

We hope this helps you navigate these changes more smoothly. Remember, the UK Immigration Navigator is here to assist you, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need guidance on UK immigration services. Good luck with your visa applications!


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